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Asuit Sohag st. Sohag

About Us

Master Oil has over [5] years experience of distributing engine and industrial lubricants backed up by a reputation for delivering quality products and consumer satisfaction. We operate from our [fully owned] facilities comprising 750 m² of warehousing space in Master Oil and Master Oil and this enables us to offer fast and efficient deliveries of both bulk or packed Mobil oils and greases. We deliver to [Sohag, Nobaria, Desert Road,Amriya , Abu Quir Port ,Dekhila Port , Merssa Matrouh, Agriculture Road, El Wadi El Gideed] We also operate a number of lubricant retail shops/suppliers. Please contact us for more details.

Mobil Lubricants Distributor Product Integrity Manual (DPIM)

The ExxonMobil Distributor Product Integrity Manual (DPIM) system is used by ExxonMobil Strategic Distributors across the world as the minimum requirements and guidelines in its own practices, documented procedures and processes in handling products manufactured by ExxonMobil. It includes packaged product receiving, storage and shipping of all L&S products, finished lubricant bulk product receiving, storage and shipping, finished product packaging from bulk and repackaging from one container to another.

ExxonMobil Elite Club

The ExxonMobil Elite Club program recognizes and rewards those ExxonMobil Lubricants Strategic Distributors throughout Europe and Africa Middle East for their commitment to strategic alignment and best business practice. Input to the award, which includes the use of this Elite Club logo, includes branding alignment and training and is announced on a yearly basis.